Germaine De Cappucini


Germaine De Cappucini

Established in 1964, Germaine de Capuccini is one of the leading skincare brands in europe, committed to research, development and innovation of products and treatments, thus delivering the ultimate client experience and solution for all skin and body concerns.


Cleansers & Toners for skin preparation

Cleansers and Toners are the first stage of your skincare routine. The effectiveness of your follow-up skincare products are increased by the use of the correct cleanser and toner.

  1. Essentials Cleansing Milk & Toning Lotion - Based on a careful selection of flower extracts and hydrating ingredients, it makes it possible for the skin to recover its whole suppleness, luminosity and an immediate well-being.
  2. Purexpert Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel - Perfect for both men and women wanting a wash-off cleanser. It effectively removes impurities on skin without drying it out.
  3. Purifying Cleansing Foam - A foam cleanser for oily, breakout prone skin, to deeply cleanse and liberate the skin of imperfections and excess oil, with a prebiotic functional complex made up of Manuka and Willow Extract that favours the natural protection and sebum regulation of the skin. Leaving a clean, balanced and matt appearance.
  4. B-Calm Micellar Water Gel – Like a magnet, this cleansing gel (when soaked on a cotton pad) gently “pulls” makeup, dirt and oil onto the pad with no scrubbing or effort needed.
  5. Royal Jelly Melting Make-up Remover Milk - Two actions in a single gesture: the milk melts on the skin and turns into a soft semi-transparent lotion. Suits all skin types, especially dull, fatigued and skin exposed to extreme external stress.
  6. Eye makeup Remover - Provides a thorough removal of eye makeup and an instant luminosity around the eyes, with a gentle combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid and Chamomile Extract to saturate the eye contour with moisture, gently exfoliate and soothe and reduce irritation.


Exfoliators and Masks

To make your skin clearer, healthier and more radiant, it is essential to use the correct exfoliator and mask for your skin.  Having the correct exfoliator and mask, knowing how to use it and the frequency you should be using are important in making your chosen product even more effective.

  1. Purexpert Refiner Essence - An exfoliating fluid that refines and balances the skin. Best used directly after cleansing.
  2. Excel OSilky Scrub Enzyme Exfoliant - A foamy enzyme exfoliator with fine granules that gives in-depth cleansing, elimination of impurities and removal of dead skin cells.
  3. Exfoliating Scrub - A grainy exfoliator that effectively removes impurities and dead skin cells from skin surface, leaving it squeaky clean with a cooling sensation.
  4. Purexpert Exfoliating Dermo-Purifying Mask - An intensive mask that purifies, exfoliates, matifies and minimises open pores on skin.
  5. Hydracure Advanced Hydra Mask – A restoring hydrating mask that immediately recovers the luminosity of a thirsty skin. 
  6. Excel O2 Intensive Mask – An instant flash mask for a more radiant and revitalised skin.
  7. Timexpert Rides Night Success Mask - A night cream and mask in one, this renewing mask aims at strengthening the skin at night, providing the skin with hours of hydration, repair, rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction whilst you sleep.
  8. Flash C+ Radiance Mask - A powerful, pick-me-up mask packed with Vitamin C and Ume Extract to firm, tone and reduce wrinkles.
  9. Glycocure Intense Renewal Exfoliating Mask (AHA+BHA) – A powerful 3-in-1 renewing mask to resurface the skin and reduce wrinkles, blackheads, clogging and sun damage.
  10. Timexpert Rides Anti-Wrinkle Eye Patch - an intensive eye treatment with Micro-Dermoxine Complex and Azarole Buds to rejuvenate the eye area for an immediate reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness.


Timexpert Rides X.Cel

This is highly recommended for aged skin with deep wrinkles. Its nanoencapsulated plant stem cells extract, the exclusive pro-collagen-fill technology and Bio RDS retinol targets cellular renewal and repair wrinkles from the inside out.

  1. Timexpert Rides X.Cel Retinage Filler Serum – This pro-youthfulness perfecting serum works on visible signs of ageing by ‘filling-in’ wrinkles, increasing thickness of the epidermis and balances skin dryness.
  2. Timexpert Rides Global Cream Wrinkle Supreme – This silky rich cream with its extraordinary ingredients restores and recreates new ‘life’ in your skin.



Timexpert Rides

This treatment range works on signs of first expression lines and wrinkles. Containing the exclusive pro-collagen-fill technology, micro-dermoxine complex and Vitamin F, it increases collagen and elastin production, mimics botulinic neutralisation of skin tensions and reduces transepidermal loss of water in the skin, thereby strengthening skin epidermis and density, preventing ageing.

  1. Timexpert Rides Age Cure 30 day Renewal System – Three step night program that renews the skin, reduces both expression lines and deep wrinkles, and fills and plumps the skin.
  2. Timexpert Rides Global Cream Wrinkle Rich – A rich and dense textured cream ideal for dry skins requiring nourishment and anti-wrinkle benefits without a sticky oily feel on skin surface.
  3. Timexpert Rides Global Cream Wrinkle Soft – This light velvety textured cream deeply hydrates the skin, making it more supple with a renewed firmness.
  4. Timexpert Rides Day Gel-Cream and Night Cream This duo care for the eye contour works 24 hours against signs of ageing around the eye. The day gel-cream hydrates and protects, and the night cream repairs any visible signs of ageing.
  5. Timexpert Rides Absolute Nourishment Elixir – An elixir oil with 7 plant oils having exceptional regenerating power that intensely nourishes the skin, reinforces the protective skin mantle and restores the skin’s lipid level.


Timexpert Lift (IN)

Timexpert Lift (IN) range emulates the effects of surgical lifting, providing flaccid or sagging skin with volume, lift and firmness. Timexpert Lift (IN) works within the skin, at the root of the problem, to restructure and redefine the facial contour. Suitable for all skin types (except oily) and recommended for those aged 35+. 

  1. Timexpert Lift Vector Lift Firmness Serum - A powerful serum that is richer and more nourishing than a conventional serum, Vector Lift reinforces the mesh underneath the skin to add support and volume. Its light and refreshing formula lifts and tautens from inside the skin to become visible outside.
  2. Timexpert Lift Supreme Definition Cream - A deeply hydrating cream that tautens, firms, lifts the facial contour, and refines lines and wrinkles Contains Alpha-Gel Technology which forms a light film to protect and lift the skin from the first application.
  3. Timexpert Lift Neck & Décolletage Tautening & Firming Cream - A rich cream is designed with a specific molecular structure that lifts, firms and redefines the neck.
  4. Timexpert Lift Supreme Definition Eye Cream – An eye cream that strengthens and rebuilds the structure of the dermis to lift, firm and redefines the whole eye area, including the top eyelids.



Timexpert SNRS

This range intensifies the skin’s ‘Stress Capital’ with its Zinc-Glycine Complex that reduces oxidative stress,  RC-advanced that protects and repairs cellular DNA, Collagen Activator, Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, and Multi-Vitamin Complex for strengthening of the skin.

  1. Timexpert SRNS Repair Progress Serum – This serum contains Glyco-8, a revolutionary ingredient that helps to penetrate ingredients 8 x deeper and faster, delivering incredible results in just 7 days. It is a vitamin enriched serum that contains more than 50% active ingredients to energise dull fatigued skin and zinc glycine complex to help skin resist the effects of environmental stress for a healthy, invigorated appearance.
  2. Timexpert SRNS Sleeping Cure A series of 10 ampoules used at night as treatment to detoxify, purify and regenerate tired, stressed and dull skin. Highly concentrated, detoxifying serum with a formula of D-Tox control which stimulates the two mechanisms of skin detoxification to eliminate damaged proteins.
  3. Timexpert SRNS Recovery Cream – This works to intensely optimise the skin’s ‘Stress Capital’ and increasing the skin’s defence against environmental aggression.
  4. Timexpert SRNS Night Cream – A rich treatment cream that works each night to boost the energy in the skin for a firmer, denser, less fatigued skin.
  5. Timexpert SRNS Pro 60+ Cream This anti-ageing nourishing cream is perfect for the treatment of wrinkles, pigmentation and lack of firmness, ideal to use at night as it repairs skin while we sleep. Contains Epigenol, a highly concentrated extract which stimulates youth proteins in the genes resulting in less wrinkles, firmer skin and more even skin tone.
  6. Timexpert SRNS Night Progress Eye Serum – With more than 60% active ingredients, it reduces signs of fatigue: puffiness and bags under eyes and works against signs of ageing: flaccidity, lines and wrinkles
  7. Timexpert SRNS Eyes Illuminating Detox Formula – Reduces cellular fatigue under the eyes and increases micro-circulation.



Excel Therapy O

This skincare treatment range is created for today’s women who are constantly on the go. It contains MPC-Defence complex that increases cellular communication and defence against external aggressions, and Life-Cytoxygen that delivers ceramides of encapsulated molecular oxygen to increase the skin’s oxygenation.

  1. Excel Therapy O2  1st Essence Defence Booster - Essential first step to healthier skin as it contains a powerful probiotic complex to balance the skins micro flora, and in turn increase the good bacteria balance of the skin. Also contains an anti pollution complex to reduce skin damage, as well as niacinimide and glycolipids to boost the immunity of the cells and even skin tone.
  2. Excel Therapy O2 Essential Youthfulness Cream – Rich in lipids, this is ideal for a drier skin. It melts into the skin leaving it healthier, smoother and more luminous and youthful.
  3. Excel Therapy O2 Essential Youthfulness Emulsion – A light velvety emulsion for a normal combination to even an oilier skin, helping to balance, refresh and oxygenate the skin.
  4. Excel Therapy O2 Essential Youthfulness Eye Contour Cream – A specific treatment for the eye contour area, correcting bags, puffiness, fine lines and other imperfections.
  5. Excel Therapy O2 CC Cream SPF30 – Combines all virtues of skin care and makeup to achieve an impeccable complexion, brimming with youthfulness, free of visible shines and imperfections and ideally protected against the signs of premature ageing.



Timexpert C+

Based on a powerful combination of vitamin C (VC-IP) derivative with the Ume extract, it is capable of inhibiting the negative effects of skin glycation and revitalises, rehydrates and increases the suppleness of the skin.

  1. Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) Pure C Essence Facial Serum – Very active forms of Vitamin C containing two phases: pure Vitamin C powder and conditioning Emulsion for optimal results. It intensely repairs the skin’s luminosity and vitality, stimulating the synthesis of collagen up to 8 times faster than is normal.
  2. Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) Intensive Multi Correction Cream – A beautiful cream with a light, citrus fragrance for normal to dry skin. It counteracts the ageing effects of glycation, firms, increases suppleness and improves the luminosity and hydration of the skin.
  3. Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) Intensive Multi Correction Emulsion – An Intensive Vitamin C Emulsion that prevents and corrects glycation (one of the leading causes of skin ageing) whilst providing radiance. For normal to combination skin which is dull and tired.
  4. Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) Vitamin C Eye Contour Cream – This Vitamin C antioxidant cream protects the eye area from sun damage, acting as a natural sunscreen, is de-pigmenting (great for hormone pigmentation around the eye area), repairing and an intensive illuminator.



Hydracure - Advanced Hydration 

Hydracure is more than just a hydration range. Its ‘hydractive’ formula  with high, medium and low molecular weights of hyaluronic acid helps restore hydration and prevent water loss, strengthens the skin’s natural defence system, deeply hydrates and improves the skin’s suppleness, firmness and health.

  1. Hyaluronic Force Serum – An essential first step to every skin program, this serum deeply hydrates and strengthens the skin from top to bottom.  Working in conjunction with active facial serums to deliver the ingredients deep into the skin.
  2. Hydracure Cream (Normal to Combination) – A light and silky textured cream with microspheres of lactic acid that enables immediate absorption of excess sebum on skin’s surface.
  3. Hydracure Cream (Normal to Dry) – A luxurious cream that preserves the hydration and youthfulness of a normal to dry skin. 
  4. Hydracure Cream (Normal to Very Dry) – With its extra rich comforting texture, this cream gives immediate hydration and relief of tautness to dry and very dry skins.



Be Calm

Expert Dermocosmetics range for sensitive skin that calm and strengthen skin, great for reactive skins. Formulated with Skinbiome Repair, an exclusive prebiotic-probiotic formulation designed to rebalance the microbiome (bacterial flora that covers the skin surface) and activate the skin’s natural defences. Does not contain: Alcohol, Mineral oils, Essential oils, Silicon’s or Fragrance.

  1. SOS Intensive Care Facial Balm – Containing a natural cortisone (Liquorice), this is a great emergency soothing cure that instantly relieves skin reactions & irritation.
  2. Fundamental Moisturising Cream (Light) – A light textured daily treatment cream for sensitive skin, it increases the skin immune system, perfect for diffused redness caused by sun damage. The peptide reduces congestion, flaky skin and itchiness.
  3. Fundamental Moisturising Cream (Rich) – A rich daily treatment cream for dry sensitive skin, it increases the skin immune system, perfect for diffused redness caused by sun damage. The peptide reduces congestion, flaky skin and itchiness.
  4. Correcting Moisturising Cream with SPF 20 – A daily anti-erythema (diffused redness) treatment cream with a concealing (green) pigment to cover redness. Perfect for reducing both chemical and thermal reactions and great for Rosacea.




Recommended for both men and women of all skin types and also great for skins with skin imperfections and dilated pores. In 3 simple steps, Purexpert will reveal pure uniform skin, reduction in dilated pores and skin imperfections, and prevention of first wrinkles.

  1. Purexpert Extra-Comfort Cleansing Gel – A silky foam in gel texture cleanser that deep cleanses the skin without drying it out, leaving it fresh and clean with lasting comfort.
  2. Purexpert Refiner Essence (Normal and Combination Skins) – An exfoliating fluid that exfoliates, purifies, minimises the appearance of pores, hydrates and provides instant skin luminosity.
  3. Purexpert No-Stress Hydrating Cream – A fine velvety cream that hydrates, balances and firms the skin. Also great for a normal skin.
  4. Purex Roll-On Spot SOS - This intensive gel is designed to minimise spots within 24-48 hours by reducing the volume and redness of spots, reducing the production of excess oil and helping to improve scarring. 



Royal Jelly

A source of Prodigious Vitality, this skincare range promotes optimal epidermal cohesion (honey comb effect) creating a barrier on skin that combats the challenges of daily environmental stress leading to increased skin resilience.

  1. Melting Make-up Remover Milk - Two actions in a single gesture: the milk melts on the skin and turns into a soft semi-transparent lotion. Suits all skin types, especially dull, fatigued and skin exposed to extreme external stress.
  2. Pro Resilience Royal Cream – A wonderful textured cream that instantly melts on the skin, favouring the epidermal cohesion, essential for preserving the skin’s youthfulness and beauty. Skin is more nourished, silky, with more density, consistency and luminosity. It comes in 2 textures: Extreme: Rich in texture for dry and very dry skin. Comfort: Light in texture for normal skin.



Synergyage Glycocure

A range targeting skin renewal and resurfacing treatment for the skin in order to reduce wrinkles, blackheads, clogging and other imperfections on the skin.

  1. Glycocure Hydro Retexturing Boost Concentrate – An intensive retexturing concentrate with a light and creamy texture that complements its cell renewal function with anti-ageing, ultra-hydrating and restoring action that works on the skin barrier.
  2. Glycocure Intensive Reflief Gel – An intensive, hydrating gel that soothes and heals damaged, uncomfortable, tight or sensitive skin. Excellent following any aggressive aesthetic treatment, or for use in cold /winter climates.  Perfect for very dry and very sensitive skin.



Please be advised the above information is meant as a guide only and should not take the place of a professional consultation.

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