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With the Guinot range for face care there are 9 beauty sources. Each source is uniquely designed to address specific skin types and concerns. Complimenting these sources of beauty is a range of cleansers, exfoliators and specific products for the lips, eyes, neck and hands.



Morning and evening the skin needs products that will eliminate impurities (the cleanser) and allow it to breathe having been perfectly refreshed (toner). Each formula is enriched with softening and comforting active ingredients.

Moisture Rich Cleansing Milk - Cleanser for dry skin. With a creamy texture filled with plant oils it thoroughly cleanses while respecting the skin’s natural pH balance for complete comfort and care.
All Skin Refreshing Cleansing Milk - Cleanser for all skin types. With a cooling effect it thoroughly and gently cleans and cares for the skin.
Moisture Rich Toning Lotion - Toner for dry skin. This alcohol free toner completes the make up removal, tones, softens and soothes the skin.
All Skin Refreshing Toning Lotion - Toner for all skin types. This alcohol free toner completes the make up removal, tones and refreshes the skin.
Cleansing Purifying Foam - Purifying cleansing foam. This gentle foam cleanses excess sebum from the skin and purifies the sebaceous gland in depth, leaving the skin free from impurities. With an additional antibacterial effect and being free of alkaline soap, it prevents further breakout and congestion.
Shine Control Toning Lotion - Shine control toning lotion. The Sebocidine complex stabilises sebaceous secretions, tightens the pores and neutralises shine making this the ideal toner for all oily skin types. Protects and balances the skin throughout the day.
One Step Cleanser - 3-in-1 instant cleanser for all skin types. Gently cleanses the face and eyes, removes make up and tones the skin with one quick gesture. Ideal for holidays or the gym.
Wash Off Cleansing Cream - Gentle wash off cleansing cream for all skin types. Removes make up and gently cleanses even the most delicate skin.
Hydra Sensitive Cleanser - Gentle cleanser for reactive skin. A 2 in 1 mild hypoallergenic formula removes make-up and gently cleanses reactive skin.



The skin surrounding the eyes is particularly fine and delicate. It is composed of fewer cell layers, making it more vulnerable to environmental aggressions. Consequently, specific eye care products are crucial to negate signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.

Gentle Eye Cleansing Gel - Gentle eye cleansing gel and eyelash strengthener. Thoroughly and gently cleans impurities and make up from the most sensitive eyes with a soothing plant formula that also encourages the regrowth of eyelashes by supplying strengthening actives to them.


Longue Vie Eye Lifting Cream - Lifting cream for youthful eyes. Recreates a youthful effect on the eyelids and eye contours by stimulating production of new cells.


Anti-fatigue Eye Gel - Revitalising gel with plant extracts prevents dark circles and reduces puffiness. Multi acting gel that works on eradicating dark circles, puffiness and signs of fatigue. It drains and helps prevent “bags” while providing a cooling effect to comfort heavy eyelids.


Hydrating Eye Cream - Long lasting hydration eye cream. The Hydro-Liposomes provide a long lasting source of hydration for the eye contour, reducing crow’s feet and smoothing eye lids, producing younger looking eyes.


Instant Eye Mask - Anti wrinkle eye mask. A multi action treatment that smoothes wrinkles, reduces dark circles and decongests puffy eyes making the eye area look brighter and younger. The refreshing gel quality will provide an instant invigorating effect.


DeHydrated Skin

For dehydrated skin, water is an indispensable source of life for the cells and for the wellbeing of the skin. A good moisture balance ensures a healthy complexion.

Hydrazone All Skin Moisturising Cream - Intensive moisture care for dehydrated skin.A deeply penetrating moisturiser that slowly releases a continuous source of hydration for soft and supple skin.


Hydrazone Dehydrated Skin Moisturising Cream - Intensive moisture care for ultra dehydrated skin.Instantly hydrates and recreates a good moisture balance to soothe extremely dry skin and provide ongoing comfort and protection.


Long Lasting Moisturising Cream - Multi action repair moisturising cream for dehydrated skin.A true thirst quencher for dehydrated skin that also works to rebuild and increase cellular bonding to retain moisture.


Cell Moisturising Serum - Intensive treatment for dehydrated skincellular replenishment.A genuine source of life to quickly restore moisture at the heart of the epidermis and replenish cells with super concentrated hydro-captors improving vitality and radiance to the skin.


Moisture Supplying Mask - Instant moisture bath. Drenches the skin in a bath of moisture and plumps up the cell and the upper layers of the epidermis, refreshing and reviving the skin for a radiant complexion.


Devitalized Skin

For devitalized skin, advances in cellular biology enable us to slow the effects of the aging process. It is possible to restore the appearance of younger skin with appropriate skin care products.


Pleine Vie Youth Replenishing Cream - Moisturising youth activator. Reduces the effects of premature ageing by neutralising the damage caused in mature skin. Stimulate cellular activity and vital skin functions through a reinforced anti free radical action.


Anti Wrinkle Day Cream - Protective anti wrinkle day cream. Instant anti wrinkle action on the tissues, encourages the renewal of cells that form the base of the epidermis resulting in smooth and radiant skin.


Crème 888 Rich Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream - Luxurious anti wrinkle night cream. Recreates cellular vitality to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep, allowing the skin to regain a more youthful appearance.


Anti-Wrinkle Mask - Relaxing skin smoothing mask. Smoothes away wrinkles and erases signs of fatigue through the Dermostimulines® DNA.


Anti Wrinkle Eraser Pen - Rapid Wrinkle Erasing Treatment. Proven results from the very first application. Fine lines and wrinkles form over the surface of the skin, due to fatigue and the passing of time, first noticeable places to show this is the forehead, crows feet and the smile lines. The epidermis slackens, due to the lack of support from the basal layer, creating wrinkles over the skin’s surface. Acti-Rides Flash will have an immediate physical effect, by filling in the wrinkles from within by stimulating the dermal layer underneath the wrinkles. Advanced ingredients stimulate the production of elastic fibres. The wrinkles are physically “filled in” thanks to the in-depth action that has visible results on the skin’s surface. The serum restores density to the dermis, providing greater support to the skin. In only 2 minutes wrinkles are visibly reduced and the face appears more youthful looking. AFTER ONE APPLICATION, MEASURED RESULTS FOUND ON AVERAGE A 42% REDUCTION IN WRINKLE DEPTH.

Key Features of Product - An intensive anti-wrinkle serum for specific areas, Advanced Dermo Ball technology that truly activates the product, Paraben Free formula

Dry Skin

Dry skin that is under-nourished appears dull, lacks radiance and can feel tight or uncomfortable. It is imperative to restore the skin’s “intercellular bonds” and to enrich them with nourishing elements to regain comfort, suppleness and radiance.

Nutrizone Nourishing Cream - Intensely nourishing moisturiser for dry skin. Compensates for nutritional deficiencies in dry skin by supplying Nutri Vitamins deep into the skin providing comfort and suppleness. Dry skin that is under-nourished appears dull, lacks radiance and can feel tight or uncomfortable. It is imperative to restore the skin’s “intercellular bonds” and to enrich them with nourishing elements to regain comfort, suppleness and radiance.


Nourishing & Protection Cream - Nourishing repair cream for very dry skin. The instant penetration of essential oils repairs the skin by restoring the hydro-lipidic film while the nourishing oils restore the skin’s natural comfort. Dry skin that is under-nourished appears dull, lacks radiance and can feel tight or uncomfortable. It is imperative to restore the skin’s “intercellular bonds” and to enrich them with nourishing elements to regain comfort, suppleness and radiance.


Replenishing Gel Serum - Intensive treatment for very dry skin. The complex of vitamin enriched oils nourishes and regenerates deep in the skin for maximum comfort leaving a silky finish on the skin. Dry skin that is under-nourished appears dull, lacks radiance and can feel tight or uncomfortable. It is imperative to restore the skin’s “intercellular bonds” and to enrich them with nourishing elements to regain comfort, suppleness and radiance.


Radiance Mask - Instant nourishment mask with essentials oils. Revive the radiance of the skin by immersing it with essential oils such as lavender and menthol. Reduces signs of fatigue and revitalises the complexion. Dry skin that is under-nourished appears dull, lacks radiance and can feel tight or uncomfortable. It is imperative to restore the skins “intercellular bonds” and to enrich them with nourishing elements to regain comfort, suppleness and radiance.


High Performance

The advanced research laboratories of Guinot constantly design revolutionary skincare products. Foremost among these are the following signature high end anti-ageing products.

Longue Vie Cellulaire Youth Renewing Cream - Youth regenerating moisturiser. Recreates younger looking skin by providing it with the 56 elements in the Cellular Life Complex that are essential to the renewal and longevity of the cells.


Age Logic Cellular Intelligent Cell Renewal Cream - The first skincare product to reverse the ‘logic’ of cellular ageing. This revolutionary cream breathes new energy into tired skin cells by reactivating them with ATP and Actinergie. The skin regains a youthful appearance and firmness.


Age Nutritive Nourishing Anti Ageing Cream - Nutrition for deficiencies causing ageing. Revitalise the cellular activity of the skin and compensate for nutritional deficiencies caused by ageing. Reverse the logic of ageing.


Youth Renewing Longue Vie Serum - Intensive anti wrinkle concentrate. The concentrated anti wrinkle formula reactivates cellular function and provides in depth energy to cells improving even the deepest wrinkles.


Age Defying Serum - Night time repair for day time beauty. A night serum that works over 24 hours. It progressively supplies cellular energy and nutritional elements to the cells to boost their metabolism, stimulate cell regeneration and repair, providing an in-depth anti-ageing action night and day.


Youth Firming Eye Cream - The first eye care product to reverse the logic of cellular ageing. This revolutionary cream restimulates cellular activity with the power of ATP. The skin on the eyelids and eye contour takes on new vitality and firmness. Wrinkles and “crow’s feet” are visibly smoothed and eyelids are toned and “lifted”.


Time Release Youth Boost - Day and night ‘cure’ 14 days. This 14-day intensive “cure” works continuously around the clock to refine during the day and repair and regenerate at night, ensuring that the skin is continuously bathed with its precious youth components. Consult your beauty therapists prior to use, as it is essential to follow the directions carefully so as to quickly obtain more effective and visible results.


Irritated Skin

For occasionally sensitive skin or skin that has extremely low tolerance, GUINOT in association with dermatologists has developed a high tolerance range. Each skin care product has a desensitising formula with protective functions designed to isolate reactive skin from harmful environmental aggressions.

Intense Protection Cream - Repairs and protects irritated or impaired skin. Superficially recreates a protective barrier to soothe irritations and repair the tissues.


Red Logic Face Cream - Neutralises and conceals redness. Using plant extracts this effective treatment cream leaves a long lasting repairing action on dilated blood vessels, redness and reactive skin. The green hued formula visually neutralises the redness leaving the skin with an even complexion.


Oily Skin

For oily skin, with the progress that had been made in cosmetic science, shiny skin and dilated pores are a thing of the past. Specific skincare with a proven effectiveness and a high tolerance is able to make oily skin more beautiful day after day. Products in this source are specifically designed to treat Combination, Oily & Problem/Acne skins.

Pure Balance Cream - Re-balancing shine free cream for combination skin prone to oiliness. The sebo-regulator complex rebalances, regulates, purifies and soothes oily skin instantly providing a matte finish producing a natural radiance on the skin.


Sebum Control Serum - Reverses the logic of excess sebaceous secretions. Acting on the hyper-secretion of sebaceous glands, the Acnicidine® complex controls the microbial flora that cause blemishes, inflammation and irritation on acne prone skin.


Pure Balance Mask - Exfoliating and absorbing mask. The mask with a dual function, the exfoliating action unblocks pores, while the mask absorbs excess sebaceous secretions refining the surface texture of the skin and unifies the complexion giving it a new radiance.


Fast Mattifying Concealer - “SOS” imperfection concealer. The tinted formula not only conceals spots perfectly, it dries and directly treats imperfections improving the health of the skin.

Pigmented Skin

With age and sun exposure, the skin tends to become sensitive and brown spots can appear. This range treats temporary and permanent pigmentation marks. The products are rich in Clariskin, unique to Guinot, and Vitamin C. These have a visible lightening action on the skin and helps to diminish the appearance of brown spots.

Lightening Lotion - Lightening starter lotion. Gently exfoliates, balances and prepares the skin by triggering a lightening effect of the other products in the range. Refreshes the skin during the day by clarifying the complexion.


Deep Action Lightening Serum - Intensive concentrate for hyper-pigmentation. Acts in depth to slow down the appearance of pigmentation marks. It unifies the complexion and lightens the most stubborn browns spots while regenerating the skin to restore a clear, transparent complexion.


Lightening Cream - Lightening, anti brown spot cream. Visibly lightens the complexion on a two month treatment and slows down the appearance of pigmentation marks. Moisturises and protects the skin against the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays.


Lightening Mask - Instant lightening, anti brown spot mask. Instantly recreates a lighter, even, transparent, pure looking complexion by reducing the appearance of brown and pigmentation spots while relaxing the features and erasing the signs of fatigue.


Sensitive Skin

This calming /mildness range contains formulas that are specially created for skin that has lost its level of tolerance and needs extra protection against environmental aggressions. The soothing ingredients enable those with sensitive skin to regain comfort and an even complexion.

Skin Defense Cream SPF 15 - Regenerating and desensitising cream with SPF 15. Rebuilds and strengthens the skin from the inside with a cocktail of active ingredients in the cellular life concentrate to comfort and soothe the skin while fighting against the damage caused by UVA/UVB rays.


Hydra Sensitive Cream - Desensitising cream to repair and protect sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic formula quickly soothes hyper-sensitivity, redness and irritated skin, while rebuilding the natural defences of the skin.


Serum Ultra Sensitive - In depth desensitising treatment for reactive skin. Soothes and neutralises deep down symptoms of intolerance. A genuine SOS treatment for skin that is highly sensitive.


Sensitive Soothing Mask - An instant desensitising and calming mask. With a creamy texture this mask reduces redness, calms irritations and soothes heat sensations providing an instant feeling of freshness and well being.


Tired / Dull Skin

Tired & dull skin can affect all skin types at any age, succumbing to fatigue and losing radiance. This range of products is designed to reveal a clear complexion and restore radiance.

Beaute Neuve Radiance Renewal Cream - Radiant glow moisturiser with “cellular renewal”. The gentle fruit acids recreate a visible ‘peeling’ effect without irritating the skin, renewing it and revealing a new radiance.


Shine Control Moisturiser - “Perfect” mattifying cream. A long lasting, mattifying moisturiser that absorbs shine without dehydrating the skin, producing a perfectly even and radiant complexion.


Fresh Radiance Peel Off Mask - Fresh radiance exfoliating peel off mask. A “second skin” exfoliating effect that removes impurities and dead cells, allowing the skin to breathe again, illuminating and restoring dull and tired skin to its natural radiance.



Instant Radiance Vials - Instant beauty flash. The complex of natural sugars instantly lifts and brightens the skin for a smoother and radiant complexion. Fixes and enhances make up all day long.


Wrinkle Prone Skin

For wrinkle prone skin when age or fatigue lines begin to form and the facial contours start to lose firmness, it is beneficial to reactivate the vital functions of the skin and boost elasticity.

Liftosome Lifting Cream With Pro Collagen - Moisturiser with lifting effect. Pro Collagen increases the production of elastin and collagen fibers, firming the skin and redefining the facial contours.


Base 777 Lifting Day Cream - Firming protective day cream. The Dermostimulines® – Vitamin C accelerates cellular renewal and repairs the supporting fibers while preventing their degeneration for toned and protected skin.


Lifting Rich Night Cream - Invigorating firming night cream. Firming action that restructures the supporting fibers by regenerating elastin and collagen fibers while you sleep. Wake up to a brighter complexion.


Lifting Serum - In depth intensive firming and regenerating treatment. The ultra concentrated Dermostimulines® – Vitamin C strengthen in depth the elasticity of the skin, stimulating cellular vitality and producing instantly smoothed skin.


Energising Lifting Mask - Immediate lifting radiance mask. The stimulating energy of Vitamin C on elastin fibers and the regenerating power of Dermostimulines® result in a more youthful and relaxed looking skin.

Sensitive Areas

Lips, Neck and Hands form part of these delicate areas which are prone to premature aging. These specific products must be applied as regularly as face care products to ensure skin’s youth.

Longue Vie Hand Cream - Rejuvenating hand cream. Cellular action skin care for healthy and younger looking hands, prevents dark spots and wrinkles. Contains Vitamin B5 to strengthen the nails.


Longue Vie Lip Balm - Rejuvenating beauty care for fuller, plumper lips. Cellular regenerating treatment that nourishes and plumps up the lips as fine lines around the lips are diminished. Provides longer lasting lipstick hold and fights against damage caused by UVA/UVB rays.


Firming Neck Cream - Neck and chin firming cream. In addition to its firming action, this cream strengthens the epidermal network and restructures the skin’s elastin fibers on the chin; firming the contours of the jaw line. Reducing pigmentation marks and wrinkles, it rejuvenates the appearance of the neck and décolleté.

The Guinot Body Range offers a range of products to enhance daily rituals of body care as well as specific products to target key concerns



GUINOT has selected the best slimming and anti cellulite active ingredients for you. The results are visible: day after day, your skin becomes better toned, your figure is refined, and your skin is firmer and smoother.

Silhouette Refining Cellulite Cream - Against stubborn cellulite. The key to the performance of the Silhouette Refining Cellulite Cream is its extraction action that enables the slimming active ingredients to dislodge stubborn fatty deposits, releases fat cells, combats localised fatty deposits and smoothes dimpled skin.
Double Slimming Treatment Gel - Slimming gel cream for cellulite. Double Slimming Treatment Gel attacks established fatty deposits thanks to a formula with exceptional penetrating power that acts in depth on excess fat cells, for a complete refined silhouette.


Cleansers & Exfoliators

Like face care, body care begins with the first steps of a daily morning skin care ritual. GUINOT body cleansers and exfoliators contain exceptional active ingredients that add a refreshing splash to shower and bath time.

Creamy Foam Shower Mousse - Supreme comfort foaming shower cream. This pH balanced soft creamy foam gently cleanses even the most delicate skin. It contains sacred lotus extract and cotton oil that neutralises the drying effects of hard water, soothes sensitive skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Energising Shower Gel - A shower gel that energizes. Cleanses and awakens senses, and invigorates the skin with its vibrant orange colour and delightful stimulating tropical scent.

Smoothing Body Scrub - Exfoliating body scrub with loofa fibers. Combines exfoliating and cleansing in one easy step leaving the skin smooth as silk. The loofa fibers gently eliminate rough patches and dead cells to leave skin renewed and ultra-smooth.


Firming & Toning

At 30 we prepare our bodies for our 40’s and at 40 for our 50’s and so on. To maintain a youthful looking body, nothing replaces regular and well practiced care. To keep the body young, firm and slim for longer, it needs active ingredients that help maintain its youthfulness and tone.

Longue Vie Corps Vital Body Care - Luxury anti ageing body firming cream. Look younger with this exceptional cream with 56 regenerating actives that provide a lasting anti ageing effect on skin. Silhouette is redefined and gains new firmness, and the skin becomes smooth and silky. Perfect for dieting and pregnancy.

Nourishing Cream with Firming Effect - Nourishing lifting body firming cream. To restore a silky body and comfortable skin, this intensive moisturiser nourishes and renews tissues assisting in a firmer body day after day making the skin wonderfully supple. Excellent for dry and dehydrated skin.

Age Logic Cellulaire Body Cream - Anti ageing firming body cream. ATP, the high-powered cocktail of Actinergie, 56 cellular actives and anti-oxidants in Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire Body Cream formula work to combat the cellular aging process for the body. Restoring the skin's texture and maintaining a youthful appearance the skin will become softer and smoother after continued use.


The Buste

To enhance the beauty of the bust and décolleté, GUINOT has selected the best active ingredients for you. The results are visible: day after day, your skin becomes smoother, better toned and firmer.

Longue Vie Firming Bust Cream - Reinforcing the bust’s natural support. Creates a younger looking bust and smoothes the décolleté. This will sculpt the bust and firm support tissue of this fragile, neglected area. Perfect for before and after sun exposure, dieting or breast feeding, this cream with 56 cellular actives works like an invisible support bra.

The Legs

GUINOT has selected the best active ingredients for your legs . The results are visible: day after day, your legs become more refined, and your skin is smoother.

Soothing Gel For Legs - Soothing gel with an icy effect. This cooling gel relieves fatigue caused by long periods of standing. On application, the “icy” effect instantly refreshers and alleviates the feeling of “heavy legs” and puffy ankles. It also relieves fatigue and refines the legs and ankles.


Wellbeing & Softness

Formulated to combine effectiveness, a sense of well being and pleasure; these body care products revitalise your senses and your skin, making you love the feel of your body.
Hydrazone Moisturising Body Lotion - Precious virtues of argan oil. A rich, yet light textured body lotion that gently nourishes and soothes the skin; suitable for all skin types including dehydrated. It leaves the skin feeling velvety soft.
Satin Body Oil - Silky softness for skin. Softens and regenerates dry, dehydrated or dull skin making the skin look and feel younger. Perfect for nourishing dry zones including elbows and knees.
Energising Body Fragrance - Energising body spray. Perfumes and energises the skin while providing a genuine energy source for the body. With one spritz, it tones and refreshes the skin all day long.


Guinot Hair Removal (Depilatory Care)

Epil Confort With BULBAINE® is a line of after waxing skincare that lightens and softens hair while slowing down its regrowth. Skin stays softer and smoother for longer. Hair removal is easier, more comfortable and less frequently required. EPIL CONFORT treatments are enriched with a selection of active ingredients that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and make you feel that you always look your best.

After Hair Removal Body Gel - Longer lasting smoothness. This smoothing anti hair regrowth gel enriched with bulbaine keeps skin smoother for longer. Hair grows back more slowly and is finer and lighter.

After Hair Removal Face Cream - Hair regrowth control for the face. Specially formulated for the sensitive areas of the face (around lips and eyebrows), this cream soothes, moisturises and prolongs the benefits of hair removal.

After Hair Removal Deodorant Cream - Anti-hair regrowth deodorant. 2-in-1 product that combines deodorant protection (controls perspiration and neutralises odours) with long lasting anti-hair regrowth benefits.

After Hair Removal Compact Deodorant - Deodorant spray with no aluminium salts. This super compact ultra concentrated deodorant neutralises unpleasant odour and bacteria, controls perspiration without blocking the body’s natural process and slows hair regrowth from the follicle. Perfect size for handbags.


Guinot Sun Care

Guinot’s Suncare Innovation range protects the beauty of the skin by protecting the skin’s life. The range offers products that provide triple-power sun protection by combining marine-based DNA with UVA and UVB sun filters and Heliotropine®, which encourages production of a protective layer of melanin, reduces pigmentation spots and allows you to tan.  The Nucleic Defence DNA innovation by Guinot,  the first ever sun care formula to harness the power of DNA to absorbs harmful UV rays, keeping the beauty of your skin protected.


High Cellular Sun Protection

Stick Anti UV SPF 50 - Extreme sun care. An ultra high sun protection stick for specific face areas such as lips, nose and cheekbones. Ideal for outdoor activities as it is compact to carry.

Ultra UV Sunscreen SPF 30 - High protection cream for face and body. The triple protection (DNA, absorbing and reflecting filters) makes Ultra UV Sunscreen the ideal for protecting the skin during the first exposures to the sun. Perfect for the sensitive areas of the face, the shoulders and the décolleté.

UV Sun Protection SPF 20 - Reinforced Protection. An extra protective, melting lotion that protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun and promotes gradual tanning. The ideal skin care for sensitive skin, for the face and the body.

Anti Ageing Eye Sun Protection - Anti ageing and sun protection for the eyes. An anti ageing sun care specifically formulated for the eye contour that combines GUINOT’s cellular life complex with 56 active ingredients, Vitamin E and the benefits of the Nucleic Range. It regenerates the skin, minimising sun induced wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Repairing Care

Longue Vie Before & After Suncare For Face - Preparing, repairing and rejuvenating cream, before and after sun exposure. Containing Cellular Life Complex with 56 active ingredients, it regenerates the skin’s vital functions and protects the youthful appearance of the face while prolonging the radiance of the suntan.


After Sun Complex - Repairing, refreshing, soothing, tan enhancing after sun lotion. This iridescent, multi restoring lotion refines and prolongs suntan and wraps the body in a luminous veil. Moisturising and regenerative, it soothes the skin while providing freshness and comfort after sun exposure.


Self Tanning

Auto Bronze Self Tan For Body - Tinted self tanning gel cream for face and body. All the pleasure of self tanning with a fluid, fresh texture to envelope the body with a luminous, golden glow. Lightly tinted, it is easy and risk free to apply giving the skin a superb coppery tan with very natural looking highlights.

Auto Bronzant Self Tan For Face - Moisturising tinted gel cream for the face. A lightly tinted gel cream that rapidly gives both light and dark skin a long lasting tanned complexion. The perfect self tanner for a summery, even and natural looking tan. Moisturising ingredients combined with a youth effect make Auto Bronzant Self Tan For Face the special ‘healthy glow’ choice throughout the year.


Tanning Protection

Oil Free Sunscreen Spray SPF 15 - Oil free, protective, moisturising fluid. A light, oil free emulsion with a rapid spray application, for a protected and a perfect suntan.

Unifying Sunscreen SPF 15 - Protective anti brown spot cream with a tint. Applied with the first rays of the sun, this tinted protection cream combats the appearance of brown spots and promotes an even tan. Ideal for face and hands.

Youth Defence Sunscreen SPF 12 - Rejuvenating Tanning Cream. Enriched in rejuvenating active ingredients, this Youth Defence Sunscreen preserves the skin’s elasticity while promoting a healthy tan.

Deep Tan Cooling Spray SPF 6 - Intense, hydrating and cooling tanning spray. A cooling tanning lotion, this delightful sun care spray envelops the skin in a soothing, refreshing mist. Rich in active moisturisers, this protection lotion promotes a deep long lasting tan.

Glowing Tanning Oil SPF 6 - Fabulous ultra tanning oil. An ultra scintillating, skin enhancing oil that wraps the skin in pleasure under the sun. Enriched with mother of pearl particles, tanning is intensified and the skin is satiny. The ideal sun care for darker skin, it can also be used on the hair.


Guinot Men

Male skin has different physiological needs.  Guinot have designed a program of essential products and treatments formulated to suit the needs of men, their skin and lifestyle.


Tres Homme

Facial Cleansing Gel - In depth cleansing foam. Thoroughly yet gently cleanses the skin reducing the appearance of pores and refines skin texture. Prepares skin for shaving, making it more supple.

Facial Exfoliating Gel - Exfoliating beads in a cool gel. Promotes a healthy looking face by exfoliating dead skin cells and restoring radiance to skin.

Longue Vie Mens Face Cream - Revitalising skin care for men. Boosts the skin’s vital functions, restoring and refining its texture.

Soothing After Shave Balm - After shave balm for extra comfort. The oil free gel cream texture promotes instant comfort after shaving. Soothes, moisturises and refreshes the skin while protecting it against skin ageing due to environmental aggressions.

Mens Eye Gel - Express anti fatigue eye gel. Diminishes signs of fatigue, reduces dark circles and puffiness. The refreshing gel cream texture promotes healthy looking eyes by smoothing fine lines caused by dehydration.



Please be advised the above information is meant as a guide only and should not take the place of a professional consultation.

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