Using the best quality wax available, NEST assures you time and quality in looking after your waxing needs. Includes pre-wax skin exfoliation (legs, arms, back, chest or stomach) and anti-regrowth treatment (except eyebrows).


  1. Full Legs (including feet and toes)     75
  2. Top Legs     49
  3. Lower Legs (including feet and toes)     45
  4. Bikini (Normal)     from 32
  5. Bikini (G-String)     from 50
  6. Bikini (Brazilian)     from 75
  7. Underarms     30
  8. Eyebrow sculpture     from 36
  9. Lip or Chin     30
  10. Lower Arms (including hands and fingers)     from 40
  11. Full Arm (including hands and fingers)     from 50
  12. Full Back (including back of neck)     from 60
  13. Chest & Stomach     from 60


Please note:
•All prices are in Australian Dollars.
•All prices are inclusive of GST.
•All Services are available as Gift Vouchers. Please ask us.
•If you enjoy our services please tell a friend or family about us and receive a  gift from NEST.
•If you are new to NEST, you will receive a $25 Gift Voucher on your first  visit with us!!
•Cancelling an appointment: A cancellation fee will be implemented if insufficient notice is given prior to an appointment. Please check with us when making an appointment.




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